Ep 6 – ‘The Right Profile’

30 year old Zana is from Redfern, Sydney. She has suffered from facial tension and headaches for some time. As a full time singer and singing teacher it is getting harder and harder and more painful to sing for more than a few hours at a time. Accompanying the pain is a tiring profile complex and a dislike for her long jawline. As she’s just hit her milestone birthday, now is the time to do what she’s always felt necessary and make the change permanently.. perhaps with a ‘bonus’ surgery option thrown in too!

Zana’s Procedures


Genioplasty,  is a surgical procedure to reshape the chin, either by enhancement with an implant or reduction of the bone. Faces come in all different shapes and sizes, but some patients may feel that their chin is not in balance with the rest of their facial features.

Whether the patient feels their chin protrudes too far or seeks more definition around the jaw line, Chin Augmentation or Reduction could be performed to provide more self-confidence and aesthetic enhancement to the facial structure.


Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation  augment — or improve — the form of the natural breast, not simply enlarge their appearance. Women who are thinking about having a breast size change have a couple of options in terms of shape:

Round implants, which are circular but flat, stick out from the body farther, making the breasts project more.

Teardrop implants  slope downward just like natural breasts, which makes them look more natural.