Ep 2 – ‘I Want It Now’

Natalie is a single 24 year old living in Sydney’s Outer West with her family. A typical Gen Y, there’s no time like the present to make the changes she needs to better herself and keep up with her friends and family by going under the knife.

Dr. David Penn has an insight to the ‘Sources of Visual Tension’… Natalie is blessed with the most beautiful eyes but as he explains, having a ‘less than perfect’ nose can deflect away from seeing that. Natalie’s friends and family have gone under the knife and she just can’t wait to have the nose she’s always wanted.


Natalie’s operation uncensored.

WARNING. The following images are graphic in nature, and may upset some viewers. This video shows the nature of the operating table, and what Doctors and nurses deal with and see everyday.

The term Rhinoplasty refers to plastic surgery of the nose, often known as a ‘Nose Job’. It is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting, reconstructing or resizing the nose for a desired look, or restoring the functionality of the nose.

It is the most complicated of cosmetic procedures, as both functionality and aesthetics need to be addressed. Therefore, making the right choice of an experienced physician is important. The nose is both the centre of the face and the focal point when interacting with another person, so being comfortable with one’s nose is imperative for persons self confidence.


A photo posted by Natalie Joseph (@nattjoseph) on


A photo posted by Natalie Joseph (@nattjoseph) on