Dr. Michael Zacharia and Dr. David Penn are experts in their field of Changing Faces through cosmetic and dental surgery. In this real to life six part series, we delve into the lives of patients with unique and compelling reasons for a medical transformation and the journey Dr & patient take to get there.

In this show, it’s not just vanity that is being satisfied – we see our  experts helping people to make the most of themselves and live a life full of confidence inside and out.


Everyone deserves to look good and feel confident in their own skin. When you’re confident about your appearance, it naturally flows over into other areas of your life. Dr Michael Zacharia is a renowned facial plastic surgeon who is committed to helping his patients live their best lives by ensuring they feel more confident inside and out.

Dr Zacharia has over 30 years of experience and specialises in advanced surgical procedures that are designed to rejuvenate the face, including facelifts and rhinoplasty. Cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers can also be added to a patient’s treatment plan to enhance their surgical results.

Based in New South Wales, Dr Zacharia has successfully completed thousands of procedures and believes that promoting wellness from the inside out is what leads to effective, longer lasting results. His passion for providing personalised care and his commitment to extensive training is what makes him a true leader in his field.

Dr Zacharia takes the time to get to know each of his patients before their surgery, giving him the chance to understand what’s important to them. Following a thorough consultation, a personalised treatment plan will be developed and the patient will be taken through the entire surgical procedure from start to finish, including any risks and what to expect during recovery.

Along with Dr Zacharia’s advanced training and extensive experience, every procedure is carried out using the latest technology; ensuring patients have a safe and positive surgical experience.

As a patient of Dr Zacharia, you can expect subtle, natural results that enhance your best features and your self-confidence.